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9th August 2006, 06:27 PM
Hello everybody,

Polocrosse is starting in continental Europe (a polite way to exclude UK and Ireland of Europe ... :P )

Norway, Niederlands, Germany and France are now in the race. :D

As each country does not have on its own enough polox team to build a decent national championship, we have started to all meet together.

The first tournament was held in Doncaster, UK, thanks to Peter CROSS
http://hensonpolocrosse.free.fr/resultats/...0528/060528.htm (http://hensonpolocrosse.free.fr/resultats/060528/060528.htm)
(in french)

The second tournament was held at the Henson center in France
http://hensonpolocrosse.free.fr/resultats/...val_results.htm (http://hensonpolocrosse.free.fr/resultats/060714/henson_carnival_results.htm)
(in english)

The third is planned to be held in France again in Calais in October.
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See you next year for the World championship. Honest!
We try to attend the championship in a separate tournament for "emerging nations".