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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Zambia Polocrosse Association

What a great tournament was had when Zimbabwe came to challenge Zambia in the annual Zim Zam tournament. It was held over 3 days—Friday 8th, Saturday 9th, Sunday 10th June with a test each for the A side and B (development) side. Each test being 8 chukkas of 6 minutes - 4 played by both divisions.

The Zimbabwe A Squad was: Terrence Keith, Brad Clark, Greg Sargeant, Hamish Michael, Kelly Redford, Sophie Sargeant, Alison Mannix, Sonya Leach, 5 of whom have played at Polocrosse World Cups.

Our Zambian A Squad was: Murray Evans, Scholtz Nel, Phillip Chalcraft, Richard Chapple, Lauren Watson, Carla Nel, Lilo Marohn, Brenda Finnaughty. We only had 2 of our world cup players represent Zambia in this match.

The Development side players were:
Zimbabwe: Craig Schultz, Andy Taylor, Juan Jobert, Geraldine Hayward, Amy Bronkhorst, Katie Stock, Shelly Odendaal, Vanessa Birketoft.
Zambians: Altaf Patel, Steve Kyriazis, Gareth and Wesley Swart, Stefan Bernhardt, Storm Treger, Syen Entjes.

A Side
Fri. Zim: 22 Zam: 15
Sat. Zim: 26 Zam: 16
Sun. Zim: 27 Zam: 17

B (Development) Side:
Fri. Zim: 21 Zam: 20 (Sudden Death/Golden Goal)
Sat. Zim: 12 Zam: 21
Sun. Zim: 21 Zam: 18

Zim won with 5 games to 1 in the Zim Zam 2012.

Best Horse overall: Hidde Elsinga’s Twisty—played by Syen, Lauren and Stephan

Most Valuable Male Player: Terrence Keith (Zim)
Most Valuable Lady Player: Sophie Sargeant (Zim)
Best No. 1 Phillip Chalcraft (Zam)
Best No. 2 Bradley Clark (Zim)
Best No. 3 Murray Evans (Zam)

Most Valuable Player Man: Stephan Bernhardt (Zam)
Most Valuable Lady Player: Shelly Odendaal (Zim)
Best No. 1: Syen Entjes (Zam)
Best No. 2: Amy Bronkhorst (Zim)
Best No. 3: Vanessa Birketoff (Zim)

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