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Written by Craig   
Thursday, 27 November 2008

November 2008

November 27

Brilliant Job Opportunity in the UK

We are looking for a polocrosse player who has a lot of experience with young horses to come and work for us next year.

We have 7 thoroughbreds ranging in age from 3 to 6 that are broken and in need of bringing on. Both my brother and I are at university, making it difficult to spend enough time on them. The job would predominantly involve the horses, there are a few older ones to be got fit as well, but work on the farm would also be available. It is 400 acres, producing organic beef cattle and some arable in the lovely county of Suffolk.

A bed and three meals a day in the 16th century farmhouse would be provided as well as additional pay.

There would be the opportunity to play A/B grade with Kent Target club on a more experienced horse.

Applications and any questions to or +441986784212 or +447786060203.

November 5 - I have had a long interest in the game of polocrosse and currently have a daughter, grand daughter and husband who play for the Toowoomba Club in south east Queensland, Australia. The Club has a large number of young representative players - the Club has 26 players, 2/3 of the Club players are under the age of 23 and 10 of these are representative players and 3 have played for Qld many times.

My husband and I operate a horse training and breeding facility on a property north west of Toowoomba at Biddeston. We have many contacts in the racing and polocrosse industry and my husband has been a farrier for 25 years.

We are interested in bringing a young Irish player to work for us and play for the Toowoomba Club for the 2009 season - starts in March 2009. The player would live at our home, be housed and fed, work with the horses and cattle (of course be paid), be horsed, coached and attend carnivals - all at our expense. We would prefer someone over the age of 18, is a good horseperson, has a good work ethic, and an experienced polocrosse player. As we have a strong base of good young players we are trying to build a youth culture in our Club and would like to take the opportunity to build a relationship with an Irish club/s to have a reciprocal arrangement.

Sue Fraser

September 2008

September 23 - Hi, my name is Nicole Page.
I am 17 years old and live in South Africa. I am looking for any part time employment in Australia working with horses and farming. I play polocrosse and have just come back from working for a polo player in Mauritius. I stayed at the quarantine station (on my own) looking after 6 polo ponies before they went to the UK. I had to ride, feed, groom, clean, and was totally responsible for them while we were in Mauritius. I am hard working, very dedicated and committed to any duties given to me. I would really appreciate it if you could let me know if there is anyone looking for an experienced rider.

Nicole Page

September 3 - We have a young (U.S.) man (just graduated High School) working for our business now who would like to go to AU and work. Farm or ranch preferred, he has some farm experience. He's not a polocrosse player or even a rider (yet?!?), he just wants to work and live in AU. Wonderful work ethic, great personality, big and strong, 18yrs. old. Does anyone have something for him? I will fwd messages to him.

Lori Lennox

July 2008

July 2 - Hello my name is wesley im from south africa and i was interested in moving over to australia at the end of 2008 and i was wondering if someone can help me im lookin to work on a solocrosse farm, i play polocrosse in south africa and have been playin since i was 6 years of age i am now 20 years old... Pls can someone get back to me, im lookin for something close to new castle due to friends livin in new castle... Thank you wesley

February 2008

February 11 - Hi, I have been trying to contact ARLENE CROOKE on behalf of my wife SELENA and myself, after she spent a couple of weeks on holiday with us in the UK some years ago. If you would be kind enough to pass my e-mail address onto ARLENE I would be very grateful.
Yours sincerely

February 5 - I am a 4 handicap Zimbabwean player who is looking to come to the UK to work. I am really keen not to miss this years' season and am looking for a club to join or a work placement that will enable me to play.

I have experience in coaching and schooling green horses and have played up to A grade polocrosse in Zambia.

Ideally I would need a horse for the season until I'm in a position to get my own.

Tel: +44 7901 873179

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