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Written by Barbara   
Tuesday, 04 July 2006
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Polocrosse - Papua New Guinea style
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PNG Players and Trophy Winners

Barb proceeded to tell Goroka how to play polocrosse. Grant discovered the joys of vodka and orange, until next morning. Back at Dumpu, the lavish trophies and ribbons were displayed. Peter Grant came over from Gusap, searching for a saddle, over coffee, he remarked "I wonder what Goroka are looking at - red ribbons").

Elias Tadoka had been to Victoria with Arthur Jones, George Brugh, Neil Donaldson, Bob Hannon Trevor Kennedy and Sandi Kosi. Playing in Club carnivals at Ballarat and nearby had improved his polocrosse play. Unfortunately he allegedly took a fancy to the daughter of one of the old hands at Gusap. He deemed it wise to return to New Britain. We retrieved the Fraser trophy before he departed.

In July, Barbara Jephcott led a team to Darwin to play at the Darwin Show. The players were Dot Jephcott, Ned Pegg, Ben Paska, Kimao Noko, Aitape Meska and Keri Novah. Ned, Ben, Kimao and Keri flew to Darwin via Cairns; Aitape was to go from Goroka. Dot flew up from Warwick. Aitape's visa was delayed, he finally set out but got off the aircraft at Gove thinking it was Darwin. We eventually managed to get him to Darwin. Meantime Ben had malaria, not responsive to chloroquin. I set out to obtain Fansidar, while Sister Scholes was trying to have Ben hospitalised and isolated! Through old veterinary contacts I was able to find the Senior Health Officer, who provided me with a suitable drug, and prevented Ben being isolated. He recovered from malaria, but nearly died from fright buffalo catching with Norm. Bright. As the buffalo was roped and thrown Ben raced ahead of the leg ropers, and the buffalo started to get up. The professional ropers soon fixed that idea. Norm lent Dot a very good horse, the other horses were quite good but apart from Kipas, Keri and Sandy Kosi (when you could find him on tour), the PNG stockmen were not at their best playing on strange horses. A Victorian team were victorious over the NT team and the PNG team. All were hospitably billeted and enjoyed Darwin and the Show.

By 1982, all thoughts were towards financing and choosing a team to play in the Test Series in Australia, so there was little activity with overseas travel. A Stanthorpe team, invited by Ramu, visited in September. They flew into Lae on the Friday evening. The first stop was a welcome party at Bruce and Faye Duffield's house for the players, Bill Kerr (Captain), Michael (Smiley) Wright, David Schnitzerling, Lyn Stirling, Colin Williamson and Mick Dougal. All were billeted around Lae. Mungo Maxton-Graham informed Colin that he was billeted with him but his (Mungo's) "village" was a day's walk away! The next day they played social polocrosse with Lae and Dumpu at Nadzab, on horses provided by those clubs. They attended the Nadzab races before driving to Dumpu in various station conveyances. While sitting at breakfast one morning with my family of three and six from Stanthorpe around the table, a Catholic missionary arrived and asked "Are you Mrs. Jephcott", on being told "Yes", one of the Stanthorpe wits said, "and we are all the family". He really looked pleased. After helping muster, shoe horses, preparing for our carnival, they played in chukka championship. Stanthorpe A- Smiley, David and Bill won all their early matches but were defeated 8-7 by Goroka in a tight final. The B section were defeated by Ramu 3 10-8. They visited Madang and Goroka before flying home.

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