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Tuesday, 04 July 2006
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Polocrosse - Papua New Guinea style
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PNG Players and Trophy Winners

The AGM was held at the Ramu Sugar Club on 10.11.85. Dan Leahy was re-elected as President, and Jan Beirne took over as Secretary-Treasurer. The Council for 1986 consisted of: from Lae - Bruce Duffield and John Atherton; Goroka - Mike Bromley and Ian Veldsman; Markham Valley - Trevor Kennedy and Tony Beirne and for Ramu - Sir Bruce and Barbara Jephcott.
General business included discussion about raising money for teams. Each Club was to raise funds. If they were not be able to raise these funds, then their players forfeit the right to be selected in the team. Townsville Club invited to visit PNG in 1986. Les. Fraser was to be invited as guest umpire/coach.

A Council meeting at Dumpu in August decided the format for the draw for the National Titles to be hosted by the Markham Valley Club. The top five teams would play for the A and B Grades with one team being eliminated from the finals. A knock out competition for the remaining eight teams would designate them to C and D grades, and there will be two junior teams. Fifteen teams to play in all but not quite the record of nineteen teams at the 1983 Nationals at Dumpu.

The Jephcotts also advised they had donated a Cup (a champagne bucket) to replace the over inscribed A.L.Rose Cup. Some rejected this gift in 1987 as of insufficient quality, and difficult to engrave .It disappeared. A Cup costing the Club $300 plus was purchased and exists today with someone from Goroka. It also had to be mounted to engrave. Later the Jephcotts were given the old A.L. Rose Cup to keep. It is not a valuable cup but is very rich with information and memories.

The Goroka Club, always strong, had gained even more good players, particularly among the ANGCO staff, with many A Grade players relegated to Goroka 2, which was finally pushed firmly into A Grade. Several years before, at the height of Ramu's strength, Ramu 2 had also been in A Grade. Ramu had weakened with the retirement of several A Grade players. The depression of the Ramu Stunt Disease in the sugar industry was at its height in 1986, further depleting Ramu of Ramu Sugar's players. Markham Valley Club, in its four years of existence, had also become a strong Club while Lae Club had fewer numbers of players, and very few strong players.

Discussion also centred around stricter umpiring, and the Chief Umpire was asked to enforce the Rules, with the help of the visiting umpire, Les.Fraser.

At the AGM at the Lae Lodge on 9th November 1986, Goroka and Markham Valley each had five votes, Lae 3 and Ramu 2, reflecting the teams that had played in the 1986 Nationals. Tony Beirne was elected President and Hamish Murdoch Secretary-Treasurer.
Trevor Kennedy raised the issue of registering players. Players must be registered by name, not just total numbers, for insurance purposes. More information was sort re the value of the insurance.
It was decided to hold eleven carnivals in 1987 at Goroka and Nadzab (the venue for Markham Valley and Lae), with Ramu maybe hosting one.
The voting power of the Secretary-Treasurer was withdrawn after much discussion, and a narrow vote. The fees stood at K15 per player.

A Zimbabwe Team was visiting Australia. The PNG Association invited them to come to PNG but they were unable to do so. Darryl Smith was unable to accept an invitation to be guest umpire. Goroka had invited a team from Buradoo to visit in September. Townsville were unable to send a team, as was Taroom, invited by the Markham Valley Club.

Dan Leahy, Mike Bromley and Merv.Mangan from Goroka and Bruce Duffield from Lae joined Ramu and revived the Ramu A Grade team. Old Ramu players Grant Jephcott and Kipas Moti joined them.

For the 1987 Nationals Goroka, Ramu and Markham Valley were to play a round robin and a final. The same format was in place for B Grade, with four teams to play a knockout competition for C and D Grade. The National Titles were at Goroka with Stan Hunt as umpire.

The next AGM was held at Dumpu after Grant Jephcott's 21st birthday party. It was brief and lacked controversy; the participants were just plain "hung-over"! The executive for 1988 was elected. Tony Beirne was re-elected President and Hamish Murdoch - Secretary. Delegates/Council were Lady Jephcott, D.J.Leahy, R.Smith, I. Veldsman, P.Davies, C.Edmunds, Joe Bruno and M.Beirne.
Matters discussed included trophy money, Association shirts, insurance, coaching, continuation of using a single umpire was passed, airfare for the visiting umpire for whom advice was to be sort from Mr.Max Walters.
The most important item was selection of players for the 1988 World Series. After the outstanding performances of the young players in the A Grade final, in which outsiders, Markham Valley, defeated the favourites, Ramu, by one goal the young star players were selected. The four players to tour in Australia were to be Michael Beirne, Grant Jephcott, James Launder and Keepas Kamare. Council would select the manager later.

Council meetings were held at the Kainantu Lodge in February, Dumpu in April, Nadzab and later Goroka in August. Initially, most of the discussion related to the forthcoming World Test Series. Equipment was organised and funds raised by the Clubs. Michael Beirne was appointed manager.
Just before departure to play at a Gold Coast carnival in late April, the first carnival at Dumpu was the venue for a practice. Eight carnivals were planned. Lae Club was unable to field one. Merv. Mangan agreed to coach umpires, he was Chief Umpire. Tony Neyland from Victoria was invited to be guest umpire, at the National Titles at Dumpu. Goroka, Markham and Ramu each had four teams. Ramu Sugar staff was playing in larger numbers, causing some headaches with shared trucking and new players and horses. Ramu won the A Grade with its strengthened team.

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