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Tuesday, 04 July 2006
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Polocrosse - Papua New Guinea style
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PNG Players and Trophy Winners

An ambitious programme of horse events listed at the 1992 AGM was reduced to a short season starting in July. The Markham Valley Club was now playing on a field near the Sulikon house, the home of Rob.and Angie Blomfield.

The next carnival at Dumpu was in the form of a round robin chukka championship in A and B Grades. There were five chukkas in A Grade, won by Lae and seven in B Grade won by Ramu.

Play at Dumpu
Play at Dumpu

In between, and after these events, were the equestrian one-day events at SIL and Dumpu. Some of the polocrosse horses, and more riders, competed in both.

Goroka hosted the National Titles, by then only two A Grade teams were available. Markham Valley had withdrawn due to an injury to Bob Simmons and the absence of other players. Two leading MV players, Trevor Kennedy and Keepas Kamare had joined Lae, making them unbeatable - (Keepas, Trevor and Mike Bromley, Bruce Duffield, Damien and Merv Mangan). The Barbarians had lost their two No1s. Simon had returned to Australia, and Joe was injured. Arthur Jones moved to one with James Launder and Jan Jones in support, the second section was Kipas, Awatung and Sandi. Predictably Lae won the A.L.Rose Trophy comfortably. In the B Grade Ramu (Sulli, Fabian, Scott Young, Mato, Suma and Kevi), on superior horses defeated the more experienced Markham Valley (Martin Perry, Adam Redman. Kimba, Aitap, Angela Blomfield and Jonah). Four of these players had played for Ramu, while all except Mato in the Ramu team were from Gusap.

A Port Moresby team of mostly one-horse polo players came again to try their hand at polocrosse. They (Mick Crothers, Kevin West, Mark Willcocks, John Mudge, Ian Clarke, Peter McCarthy and Jullian Thirwell) were lent horses by the local clubs. In the C Grade they enlivened the game, defeating Ramu 2, made up of Leron and Gusap stockmen, in a close game, going to extra time. In the individual trophies, Keepas won the Fraser Trophy for Best Player, newcomer (from Killarney, Qld) Scott Young won the Broadbent Trophy; Sulli - Best B Grade player, Samano - Best C Grade Player, and again Emma was best horse of the Carnival.

The last official overseas tour took place in 1992 when Trevor Kennedy, Bruce Duffield, Kipas Moti, Mike Bromley, Merv Mangan and Damien Duffield were guests of the Marlin Coast Club in Cairns. They played against the North and North West Zone teams in a major North Queensland Carnival. The North-West Queensland Zone was invited to send a team to PNG in 1993, they accepted.

Campdrafting was introduced to the local polocrosse players in May 1993. Scott Young, manager of Gusap, is a well known as a campdrafter in Warwick. He set up a suitable yard on the end of the Gusap cattle yards, and through the President, Trevor, invited the polocrosse players to a campdraft on Saturday 22nd May followed by polocrosse the next day. As no other competitor had actually taken part in a campdraft, and the Brahman steers were coming from the "camp" (yard) out into their own paddock, high scores were not expected! Scott and Bob Simmons were the judges. The Dumpu truck was late but the draft was soon underway. The riders on the face of the camp had a hard time holding the cattle in. One bullock jumped one rider on a small horse, and several broke out. At the end of the two rounds, Barb led with a score of 114, two 23's for cut out. She picked quiet steers taking them around slowly outside. The judges were generous, especially outside. Next day, Keepas Kamare had learnt the rules. He did a genuine good cut out and round for a real 77, to win.

Polocrosse was played on the Sunday, with three A Grade teams. Markham Valley (Keepas, Bob, Trevor, Kimba and Jonah) won, defeating Ramu (Grant, James Frame, Joe Bruno, Scott, Sulli and Kevi). The Dumpu stockmen did not play due to other activities. Arthur, David and Mike (all on Mike's horses) and a made-up section played for Goroka. There were plenty of novice players, mainly stockmen and two youths from SIL. The entertainment was at the Ramu Club, where a short Council meeting was held.

Not much happened until August, when Lae had a carnival, with the Soroptomist Ball on the Saturday night. Records of the carnival are scarce, too many organisers at the Ball. Ramu was in some disarray, with Grant in Australia and Sandi had malaria. Eventing was still a feature of the horse calendar. A One-Day Event was held at Dumpu the next weekend. Later in the month, Ramu held a carnival at Gusap, with dinner at the Ramu Club. The A Grade players were moving around. By the Markham carnival at Sulikon the next week, Arthur and Awatong had joined Bruce and Mike in the Lae team, later David Hannon and Trevor Kennedy made up the one and only Lae team for 1993 Nationals. Markham Valley retained the rest of its old players, as did Ramu. Goroka only had a few new players.

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