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Polocrosse in Zimbabwe

Summary of Zimbabwe Polocrosse

 Polocrosse was introduced into the then Rhodesia in 1948 by Dr. H. M. Strover.

Dr. Strover had read about the sport in a magazine on a visit to England. Impressed with what he read he returned to his hometown of Fort Victoria (Masvingo) and soon had a keen following.

1950 saw the first Inter Club match between Fort Victoria (Masvingo) and Rhodesdale Club of the Mvuma area.

By 1968, 144 players were registered from 12 clubs and the first International Tests against South Africa were held at Ladysmith and Estcourt.

1969 saw the first visit to our country by another when South Africa played us at Hippo Valley and Glendale.

1972 saw the first overseas contact when Australia brought a team over and played at Hippo Valley, Mutare and Harare.

1983 saw the first Zimbabwe side to tour Australia.

In 1988 the first World Series took place in Australia, which Zimbabwe attended.

1991 was our first polocrosse contact with United Kingdom.

1992 saw the resumption of contact with South Africa after their isolation.

1997 saw Zimbabwe become the World Champions when they went unbeaten against Australia, New Zealand and South Africa in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.

2003, Zimbabwe attends the inaugural World Cup in Warwick, Australia. 8 Nations attend and Zimbabwe achieved a disappointing 4th.

2004, Zimbabwe retains the Africa Cup by whitewashing South Africa in the Open, Under 19, Under 16 and Under 14 divisions at Hippo Valley. International polocrosse is first competed with Zambia.

2005, Zimbabwe Under 16 Team attends the Junior Quadrangular Test Series in Albury NSW, Australia and come 3rd.

2005 also saw Zimbabwe travelling to the UK for an Open and Under 21, 4 Test Series, where the U21 beat the UK 3:1 & the open squad drawing 2:2 in the series.

Current Committee of the Polocrosse Association of Zimbabwe;

President - Richard Mostert
Vice President - Robert Gardini
Chief Umpire - Rodrick Fennel
Director Of Coaching - Margot Worswick
Chief Handicapper - Arlene Crooke
Treasurer - Julia Fisher
Secretary - Irene Kilpert

Zimbabwe currently has 156 playing members from 10 clubs down from a peak of 420 in 1996. The playing season starts in March and ends in August.

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